What we do

Environmental Accounting Services is at the forefront of climate change mitigation.

As international experts in climate change mitigation, we help to both steer and implement international standards. We work closely with our clients to develop solutions that meet their needs precisely.

Now is the time to take action

We support our clients in taking action to develop and implement climate change mitigation policy, meet greenhouse gas regulatory requirements, set science based targets, build capacity and drive operational efficiencies. 

Development and implementation of climate change policy

Capacity building and training in climate change mitigation

Supporting measurement, reporting, and verification of greenhouse gas emissions

Assisting organisations in establishing Science-Based Targets including Forest, Land and Agriculture SBTs

We remove the weight and complexity of navigating the constantly evolving world of climate change mitigation through education, dashboards, monitoring, reporting, auditing and much more. 

Whether it’s greenhouse gas measurement, reporting and verification, voluntary carbon markets, nesting (corresponding adjustments) design or anything else, our team deliver what is needed, where it’s needed, when its needed.


We aid in the development and implementation of climate change policy. Our team advises at an international level and helps set the standards that inform global climate change policy. 

When you work with us you are working with experts who have first hand knowledge of the purpose and intent of international climate change mitigation policy and pledges.

  • International and national climate change policy.

  • Climate strategy and mitigation action plans.

  • Establishing science-based targets.

  • Creating policy environments to realise nature-based solutions.

  • Transparent stakeholder communication.


In addition to our consulting services we offer capacity building and training in climate change mitigation. We are nimble enough to be able to offer services at international, governmental and local levels – providing solutions for global issues as well as helping smaller businesses to reduce their climate impact.

We offer online and face-to-face training in:

  • Greenhouse gas inventories and footprinting.

  • Forest Monitoring systems for nature-based solutions.

  • Greenhouse gas accounting in forestry and agriculture.

  • Remote sensing and machine based learning in land use change monitoring.

  • Business systems for greenhouse gas accounting.

  • Implementation of appropriate models and calculation frameworks.


We enable action by supporting measurement, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions in mandatory and voluntary markets using international best practice standards. Our team knows the standards and technical details and how they intersect with operations. This is a dynamic and changing field. We stay informed about policy, regulation and and best practice so you don’t have to.

  • Supporting transparent communication to a broad range of stakeholders, from local communities to third party verifiers.

  • Applying methodologies.

  • Advising the right calculation tool for your needs.

  • Development of measurement and reporting systems.

  • End-to-end solution for clients to realise nature-based solutions in voluntary or regulated markets.

Science-Based Targets

We assist organisations in establishing Science-Based Targets (SBTs) including Forest, Land and Agriculture (FLAG) SBTs, aimed at reducing emissions in accordance with the Paris Agreement and maintaining global warming below 2°C.

As your dedicated SBT advisors, we guide your organisation towards a sustainable, low-carbon future, ensuring every step is taken with consideration and confidence.

Our comprehensive method involves leading you through a clearly defined five-step process. This approach is tailored not just for setting your science-based target but also for bolstering the skills of your internal teams. It’s about ensuring sustained engagement and success. 

Our Projects